Sports BodywoRx

Sports BodywoRx

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SBWRX 30min Member Session - $25
SBWRX 60min Member Session - $50
30min Non Member session - $40
SBWRX Non-Member Session - $80
Package Session Client i.e. Holiday, prepaid Groupon Sports, etc
Prepaid Client Package Sessions
Clientele must stay with chosen therapist till end of package.
Sports Massage Therapy 90min - $105
90min Sports Massage Session
Hot Stone Sports Session - $85
60min massage that includes hot stones therapy.
All Inclusive SBWRx 4 One Hour Sessions Member - $255
Clientele must stay with chosen therapist till end of package.
Military/ Emergency Services - $45
Military including all active military & veterans.

Emergency services including police, ambulatory services, and fire-fighters.
Chiropractic Consult/adjustment of extremities - $25
Adjustment of joints.
Chiropractic Consult and Adjustment - $45
Pre-paid Chiro
Chiro Package 2 Adjustments member - $85
All Inclusive SBWRx 4 One Hour Sessions non Member - $285
4 Chiro Adjustments Package - $160
Full service 10 Sessions package - $600
3 Hot Stone Sessions $165 - $165
2 Sessions For $80 - $80


Hot Stone Upgrade - $40
A hot stone upgrade helps improve blood flow and relax the muscles for a deeper tension release. Therapist uses special technique by implementing the hot stones into the massage, rather than just placing stones on the body. Massage clients will feel deeply relaxed after experiencing hot stones.
Aroma Therapy Upgrade - $5
Cupping - $25
Gua Sha Tooling (scraping) - $25
Body Tempering - $20
Therapist uses 25 lb, 40 lb, or 80 lb weight to roll on massage client's legs or back to help relieve deeper tension and maximize performance.

Crossfit coaches and owners

Referral Session - $0
Client Referral Must Be Verified
Referral Session - $0
Crossfit Coaches And Box Owners - $50

Life University Student Massage

LIfe University Alumni And Student Session - $40
60 min session for Alumni and Students of Life Chiropractic University. Students must have valid student ID for session.
Employee Massage Chiro - $40
Employee Massage
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